“The Route” is taking shape

Our plans for the interactive part of the conference program for HandsOn: Biobanks, in Uppsala 20-21 September 2012, are taking shape. This part of the program is called “the Route.”

During coffee and lunch breaks, participants can walk through an interactive exhibition illustrating the process of informed consent, data and sample sharing, and new legislation.

Within the Route, participants can also meet law scholars, ethicists, biobank researchers and journalists. They can listen to and participate in conversations on a broad range of issues, such as the role or trust in biobank research, handling of incidental findings, patents, and regulatory processes.

Finally, the LifeGene debate will be discussed with representatives from LifeGene, EpiHealth, the Swedish Data Inspection Board, and the Central Ethical Review Board.

Curious? Do you want to partake in the Route?

Registration is open until September 11.

Pär Segerdahl

One Response to “The Route” is taking shape

  1. I think we have a very interesting programme lined up. With help of our sponsors (Thermo Fisher, Plant Vision and Qiagen) we will be able to show you the route from sample to result. The exhibition takes you through the research process from informed consent and ethical review to sampling, handling, prep, storage, pre-analytics, sample analysis and data analysis. The discussion Pär is describing is a part of the programme that focuses on the value of biobank research. We will also discuss health economy, clinical practice and drug development. We plan for participants to meet the experts and have fun with the HandsOn part of the exhibition. I will make sure to post more information here as plans progress 🙂

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