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Month: July 2012

Who, or what, becomes human?

Our long childhood and dependence on parental care seem to leave no doubt about it: we are not born as humans, we become human. I want to highlight a particularly tempting metaphor for this process of “becoming human” – the metaphor of: “Order out of chaos.” According to this metaphor, human infancy is abundantly rich […]

What do donors need to know about future research?

I’m reading a Scientific American Guest Blog, on the ethics of future-use DNA sampling. Donating DNA to research is described as a more lasting donation than donating organs or embryos: DNA is information and information can last longer. That donating DNA is such a lasting donation seems to imply that the future use to which […]

Neither innate nor learned

A child begins to speak; to say that it is hungry, or does not want to sleep. Where was the child’s language hiding before it began to speak? Did the child invent it? Certainly not, experts on language development would insist. A child cannot create language. Language exists before the child starts to speak. All […]

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