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Month: April 2015

The Swedish Data Protection Authority rejects extension of temporary law on registry research

Since the new Swedish law on research databases is delayed, there is a proposal to extend the current temporary law on certain registries for research about what heredity and environment mean for human health (until December 31, 2017). The Swedish Data Protection Authority rejects extension, because major deficiencies noted previously have not been addressed and […]

Teaching the child the concept of what it learns

It is natural to think that a child, who learns to speak, learns precisely that: simply to speak. And a child who learns addition learns precisely that: simply to add. But is speaking “simply speaking” and is adding “simply adding”? Imagine a very young child who is beginning to say what its parents recognize as […]

Experts on assignment in the real world

Experts on assignment in the real world cease in part to be experts. Just consider computer experts who create a computer system for the tax authorities, or for a bank, or for a hospital. In order for these systems to work on location, the computer experts need to be open to what they don’t know […]

Neuroethics: new wine in old bottles?

Neuroscience is increasingly raising philosophical, ethical, legal and social problems concerning old issues which are now approached in a new way: consciousness, freedom, responsibility and self are today investigated in a new light by the so called neuroethics. Neuroethics was conceived as a field deserving its own name at the beginning of the 21st century. […]