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Month: March 2018

To become aware of something

The phenomenon I want to highlight in this post has many descriptions. Here are a few of them: To become conscious of something; to notice; to observe; to realize; to see; to become aware of something. We all experience it. Every now and then, what these descriptions indicate occurs in us. We realize something; we […]

Intellectual habits prevent self-examination

The intellect is worldly-minded and extrovert. It is busy with the facts of the world. Even when it turns inwards, towards our own consciousness, of which it is a part, the intellect interprets consciousness as another object in the world. The intellect can never become aware of itself. It can only expand towards something other […]

Two measures against the culture of honorary authorships

It is important in the academia to know who actually contributed as author to scientific publications. Partly because authorship is meritorious when researchers seek positions and funding. Partly to facilitate investigations of suspected research misconduct. These are two important reasons why there are guidelines for academic authorship. These guidelines state that an author should not […]