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Month: May 2016

Distance between media representations and public perceptions of synthetic biology (by Mirko Ancillotti)

Media do not generally represent the general public’s views on synthetic biology nor, regrettably, render a balanced or thoughtful picture of the field. Until now media cannot represent a starting point nor can they facilitate a public debate on synthetic biology, which would be desirable for a responsible and responsive development of the field. In […]

Direct brain communication: a new book

Images of the brain, created with advanced technology, are known to most of us. But progress in neuroscience is fast. Less familiar are new technical opportunities to communicate directly with the brain … or however you put it! Even the unconscious brain is alive. It has been possible to depict responses in the “unconscious” brain […]

Oppositional words simplify thought: A or B?

Parties can stand in opposition to each other. But so can words. The word good stands in opposition to the word bad; the word right to the word wrong. And in everyday talk, the word human stands in opposition to the word animal. Oppositional words are efficient in conversation. If I tell you that I […]

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