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Month: March 2014

Research ethics as moral assurance system

Modern society seems to be driven by skepticism. As philosophers systematically doubted the senses by enumerating optical and other illusions, our human ability to think for ourselves and take responsibility for our professional activities is doubted by enumerating scandals and cases of misconduct in the past. The logic is simple: Since human practices have a […]

How does biotechnology become real?

Seeing things with our own eyes, not just hearing about them, makes a difference. Words certainly arouse images, but they are our own images of what we never saw. This is a challenge for the rapid development in biotechnology. Genetically modified organisms are created, in vitro fertilization is practiced, stem cells are grown, and biobanks […]

The risk with knowing the risk

Informing individuals about their genetic risks of disease can be viewed as empowering them to make autonomous decisions about their future health. But we respond to risk information not only as rational decision makers, but also with our bodies, feelings and attitudes. An American study investigated elderly people whose genetic test results showed a predisposition […]

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