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Month: March 2013

Two PhD positions at the Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics

We are recruiting two new PhD students: 1. PhD position in the field of Research Ethics/Bioethics. This position has two possible research focuses: (a) Regulating research misconduct – ethics and law reconsidered. (b) Ethical issues on preconception genetic testing. 2. PhD position in the field of bioethics/philosophy of mind. This position has the following possible […]

Biobank research on the Sámi people should be more transparent

Ethnicity is a sensitive issue, so sensitive that one might want to remain silent about it. Anna Lydia Svalastog at CRB recently published an article about genetic research on the Sámi people in Sweden. She highlights ethical problems associated with the fact that the Sámi focus in these studies is not made transparent. Svalastog was […]

Life scientists’ responsibility when their research has dual use

Do life scientists have moral responsibility when their research can be used not only to do good (like preventing pandemics) but also to harm others (like developing biological weapons)? It could be tempting to think that researchers’ only responsibility is the advancement of scientific knowledge. The use and practical application of that knowledge is the responsibility […]

Dissertation on trust in biobank research

On Saturday, March 9, Linus Johnsson at CRB defends his dissertation: Trust in Biobank Research: Meaning and Moral Significance The dissertation is based on four studies. The first two scrutinize empirical evidence concerning public trust in biobank research. They indicate that people do trust biobank researchers, at least in Sweden. Such findings might give rise […]

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