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Distance between media representations and public perceptions of synthetic biology (by Mirko Ancillotti)

Media do not generally represent the general public’s views on synthetic biology nor, regrettably, render a balanced or thoughtful picture of the field. Until now media cannot represent a starting point nor can they facilitate a public debate on synthetic biology, which would be desirable for a responsible and responsive development of the field. In […]

Scientists shape how the media portray synthetic biology (by Mirko Ancillotti)

Most of us learn about scientific developments through the media. Journalists and newspaper editors not only select what to bring to public attention but also the way the contents are conveyed. But how can we be sure that what they report is well researched? There are some new studies on how media portray synthetic biology […]

Uniquely controversial: why is new biotechnology often so extraordinarily upsetting?

Artificial insemination, genetically modified organisms, and attempts in synthetic biology to create artificial life have this in common: they tend to provoke moral responses in terms of borders that should not be transgressed. A recent article by Thomas Douglas, Russell Powell, and Julian Savulescu discusses synthetic biology from this point of view: Is the creation […]