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On “truly” understanding the risk

It is a well-known psychological fact that people have great difficulties to understand probabilistic risks. What does it actually mean that the risk of developing breast cancer the next ten years is fifteen percent? In addition to the difficulties of understanding probabilities, mathematical expressions can cause a false appearance of exactitude and objectivity. It is […]

Fourth issue of our newsletter about biobanks

Now you can read the fourth newsletter this year from CRB and about ethical and legal issues in biobanking: Biobank perspectives: current issues in biobank ethics and law The newsletter contains three news items: Moa Kindström Dahlin describes the work on ethical and legal issues in the European platform for biobanking, BBMRI-ERIC, and reflects on […]

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing: empowering people to hurt themselves?

There are two tempting pictures of the human. One is that we (ideally) are autonomous individuals who make rational choices on the basis of information. The other picture is that our individuality is coded in our DNA. These pictures work in tandem in the marketing of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. The website of the personal genomics […]

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