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Ask the patients about the benefits and the risks

Almost no medications are without risks of side effects. When new drugs are approved, decision makers must balance risks and benefits. To make the balancing, they use results from clinical trials where the drugs are tested on patients to determine (among other things) efficacy and side effects. But how do you balance risks and benefits? […]

How to listen to (the right) patient voices? (By Ulrik Kihlbom)

We all think patients’ voices are important. But how do we make sure we listen to the right ones? Patient engagement and patient perspectives have come into focus in health care in recent years. Though this is especially true for the clinical setting, this development can be expected to continue for decision-makers at other levels. […]

Moody teenagers? Giving them a greater say in health policy might solve this (By Terry Flynn)

We have all heard of moody teenagers. Maybe we have them, or can remember being one. Recent research with my Australian colleagues suggests they may genuinely have more difficulty living with poor mental health than adults do. Specifically, compared to the general public aged 18+, they are more likely to view mental health related impairments […]