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Sliding down along the slippery slope

Debates on euthanasia, abortion or embryonic stem cell research frequently invoke slippery slope arguments. Here is an example of such reasoning: Legalizing physician-assisted suicide (PAS) at the end of life pushes healthcare morality in a dangerous direction. Soon, PAS may be practiced even on people who are not at the end of life and who […]

Legal abortion: the right to move on

With brave new ideas you can astonish the world. In the past months the youth association of the Swedish party, the Liberals, made several proposals that astonished not least the mother party – for example, that incest and necrophilia should be allowed. The state should not control individuals’ love life. Probably, the young politicians are […]

How are ethical policies justified?

Ethical policies for practices such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research should, of course, be well justified. But how does one justify that activities involving the destruction or killing of human embryos and fetuses should be allowed? How does one justify that they should be banned? Just because the issues are so sensitive and […]

Genetic compatibility as a new dimension of partnership? (By Julia Inthorn)

Preconception genetic carrier tests can inform a person if he/she is carrier of a recessive disease. In case the partner is also a carrier of the same disease, the couple has an increased risk (usually a 1 in 4 risk) to have a child with this disease. Current research in genetics works on developing tests […]

Better not to know? (by Mirko Ancillotti)

In medical ethics a distinction is commonly made between negative and positive autonomy. One’s negative autonomy is exercised in refusing medical care or refusing some specific treatment. Positive autonomy is the right to choose a specific treatment (within what is available and allowed). Expressing a preference for not being informed about some medical condition seems […]

The debate about after-birth abortion continues

Last year the Journal of Medical Ethics published an article by two philosophers claiming that the same arguments that support abortion also support abortion of newborns. The article provoked strong reactions and I too felt I had to comment on the article here on The Ethics Blog. What’s so provocative? I’m not so sure it […]

After-birth abortion as a logical scale exercise

How should one respond when ethicists publish arguments in favor of infanticide? In the current issue of Journal of Medical Ethics, two philosophers argue that what they call “after-birth abortion” should be permissible in all cases where abortion is (even when the newborn is healthy). Not surprisingly, soon after BioEdge covered the article, the news […]