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Month: March 2016

Notebook, not Facebook

I take the liberty of striking a blow for the notebook. I miss the voices people develop when they use to keep their own notes. The conversation with yourself gives depth – “I have thought about this” – to your conversation with others. The erosion of collegial structures at universities is worrisome. But what especially […]

Critique of the motivation for dynamic consent to biobank research

Biobank research has undeniably challenged research ethics and the requirement for informed consent. We are after all dealing with collection of biological samples for future, yet unspecified research. Thus, one cannot give donors specific information about the research in which their samples will be used. It might seem like asking them to consent to unknown […]

Searching for consciousness needs conceptual clarification

We can hardly think of ourselves as living persons without referring to consciousness. In fact, we normally define ourselves through two features of our life: we are awake (the level of our consciousness is more than zero), and we are aware of something (our consciousness is not empty). While it is quite intuitive to think […]