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Month: June 2014

Nurses’ experiences of do not resuscitate orders

When a critically ill patient has such a poor prognosis that resuscitation would be of no use, doctors can write a so-called do not resuscitate order. The decision means that if the heart stops beating, the medical team should not, as otherwise, perform coronary pulmonary rescue. The decision is made by the physician on the […]

Our publications on biobanks and registries

Biomedical research does not always require research subjects who are prepared to experimentally try new treatments or diets. Increasingly, research on health and disease is carried out on stored biological samples and personal data in different registries. Handling human biological material and personal data raises unique ethical issues. People who volunteer as participants in such […]

Intellectualizing morality

There is a prevalent idea that moral considerations presuppose ethical principles. But how does it arise? It makes our ways of talking about difficult issues resemble consultations between states at the negotiating table, invoking various solemn declarations: “Under the principle of happy consequences, you should lie here; otherwise, many will be hurt.” “According to the […]

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