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Month: January 2014

Scholastic reasoning versus modern cell biology

Embryonic stem cell research can find effective treatments for a wide range of currently untreatable diseases. No wonder embryonic stem cell research can be perceived as an important practice. A human embryo can develop into someone’s child, who breathes, talks and lives. No wonder embryonic stem cell research can be perceived as a controversial practice. […]

Readings on biobank regulation

Today I recommend three short and instructive readings on biobanking: The European Parliament voted in October 2013 on an amended proposal for a new European Data Protection Regulation. In a newsletter from CBR and, the legal scholars Jane Reichel and Anna-Sara Lind explain implications for biobank research: Biobank perspectives: current issues on biobank ethics […]

Some considerations on the creation of artificial life (by Mirko Ancillotti)

It is hard to understand and explain why new biotechnologies often are so upsetting. I am inclined to think that many people accord a special value to nature and to what is considered natural. This stance is held in spite of the fact that human beings have purposively modified nature, e.g., through the selection of […]

Human and inhuman

The words “human” and “inhuman” are often used as moral judgments. For example: reasoning is (brilliantly) human; violence is (terribly) inhuman. Such forms of speech are perfectly in order. Yet, we easily go astray if we use the same forms of speech in attempts to diagnose war and conflict, or the path to peace. (Which […]

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