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Month: September 2013

Making the Helsinki Declaration coherent?

The Helsinki Declaration is under revision. One suggested change concerns a paragraph about biobank and register-based research, which states: “For medical research using identifiable human material or data, physicians must normally seek consent for the collection, analysis, storage and/or reuse.” The paragraph currently continues with the following exceptions: “There may be situations where consent would be […]

Human existence and biological life: what is most fundamental?

My post last week tried to highlight a tension between human existence and biological life, using Henrietta Lacks as an example. She was a unique human being, existing in a human world; but the HeLa cells obtained from her cancer tumor function in laboratories all over the world as “bio-objects” representing biological life more generally. […]

Being human; representing life

A new article reconsiders Henrietta Lacks and the immortal HeLa cells that were obtained from her rare cancer tumor in the 1950s; cells that still replicate and are used in biomedical laboratories all over the world: “Representing life as opposed to being: the bio-objectification process of the HeLa cells and its relation to personalized medicine” The […]

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