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Month: December 2012

LifeGene and participation of minors in biobank research

One of the issues preceding the Swedish Data Inspection Board’s decision to stop the population-based biobank LifeGene concerned participation of minors. LifeGene had planned to collect samples from half a million Swedes, including children. A regional ethical review board, however, decided against collecting data from children. Only data collection from adults was approved of. LifeGene […]

Extended deadline for Researcher in Health Economics: January 7, 2013

Ethical questions about health care and medical research often require empirical input, to make arguments valid for real conditions. Many of the future issues that engage us at CRB need empirical basis in so called Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE). We are therefore recruiting a researcher with a doctoral degree in health economics and documented skills […]

Moral tipping points

Yesterday, I read a thought-provoking article about biosecurity. It suggested novel ways of thinking about infectious diseases. According to traditional thinking, infectious diseases strike us from outside. Therefore, we protect us from such external threats by building more effective borders. We secure pure healthy spaces and protect these spaces from impure, diseased ones. The alternative […]

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